50/50/50 Family and Friends Exclusive

Refer a Friend and get a $50 airtime credit for yourself PLUS $50 off and a $50 airtime credit for them!
You love your inReach, now your friends or loved ones can stay inReach anywhere in the world too! Help give them the peace of mind knowing they can be tracked, reached, and rescued anywhere. And with access to our unlimited, downloadable topographic maps, inReach Explorer can be paired with a smartphone or tablet to always know exactly where they are.

  1. Purchase your inReach Explorer using priority code 10220 by 12/09/16
  2. Activate your inReach by 12/27/16
  3. After activating your inReach, then fill out and submit the form below by 12/27/16

You and the person who referred you will both receive a $50 airtime credit during the week of 01/02/17 if device is activated by 12/27/16 and all fields have been filled out in the form.

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IMEI Number
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Friend or family member must purchase their inReach by 12/09/16 at inreachdelorme.com/holiday and activate their inReach by December 27th. The form must be filled out on inreachdelorme.com/holiday after activation and by 12/27/16 including YOUR name and email address associated with your inReach account to recieve $50 future airtime credit. Airtime credit will be applied the week of 01/02/17. This offer is valid only for consumer inReach users only. Offer valid for US customers only. Offer not valid for enterprise or professional airtime plans. No cash value. Only one redemption per inReach device IMEI. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

How to find your IMEI number

The top five inReach uses that you may not have discovered yet...


inReach offers a reliable means of communication while performing your favorite backcountry or offshore activities, but you may not have thought of these other helpful and convenient uses for your device.

1. Keep it in your car when driving in rural areas
One of the most practical applications for inReach is using it for roadside assistance. Whether you have it mounted in a powered RAM mount, or just throw it in your glove box in case of emergency, inReach is the ultimate lifeline for driving in remote areas. Many people don't realize that standard factory-installed assistance systems in vehicles utilize cellular networks to call for help. So they are not reliable when driving on rural roads.
2. Use it as a communication alternative for international travel
If you are planning on traveling overseas, on an ocean cruise, across the border, or to the ends of the earth, inReach is an affordable alternative to expensive international cellular plans and roaming fees. You can also be assured of getting help anywhere in the world with its SOS feature. As an added bonus, your loved ones can keep track of your location or send you messages from home.
3. Include it as a part of your natural disaster preparedness kit
Natural disasters often wipe out cellular towers. inReach has been a part of major disaster recovery efforts, including Hurricane Sandy and the Nepal Earthquake. Its ability to reliably send and receive text messages through Iridium's satellite network means you and your loved ones will always be able to communicate - even in worst-case scenarios, such as tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes.
4. Let someone else have peace of mind on their trip by adding multiple users to one account
If you discover that you don't need your inReach for a certain period of time, or that another member of your family has a more important use for it, just create another user account and let someone borrow it! Active inReach customers can set up multiple user profiles in the Explore portal, making it possible to lend it out to someone with all of their personal contact information - all it takes is a sync to change users, and another sync to switch back.
5. Keep track of your pre-season hunting preparations
Hunting season is approaching fast. If you are a hunter, you are likely glued to your trail cameras, checking for tracks, and planning out the next few months of hunting action. If you have an inReach Explorer, you can keep track of your preparations through waypoints, route planning, and breadcrumb trails. Don't forget to pair with your smartphone via the Earthmate app for the full experience!

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