The inReach Series of Satellite Communicators

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Both inReach satellite communicators enable you to send and receive text messages, trigger an SOS for help, and track your GPS coordinates, wherever your trip takes you. It keeps you connected when off the grid and outside of cell phone range.

Who should own an inReach?

Almost everyone. Whether it's by land, sea or air, if you love getting away from it all, then chances are you need an inReach. With inReach, you can send and receive messages at the ends of the earth and everywhere in between. From outdoor enthusiasts and boaters to hunters and recreational pilots, having an inReach offers much more than remote connectivity and SOS capabilities -- it allows you to share your journey and experiences with those you love and gives them peace of mind knowing they can contact you no matter where your adventure takes you.

Trigger an SOS, receive a delivery confirmation and communicate back and forth with our 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center.
Track your trip with adjustable tracking intervals and share your location, including GPS coordinates, course, elevation and speed.
Send and receive 160-character text messages with GPS coordinates to cell numbers or email addresses worldwide.*
Pair with mobile devices using our Earthmate app to make communication with family and friends even easier and to access downloadable topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts. Plus, inReach Explorer users have access to powerful navigation features.
Delivery confirmation for all text messages and SOS signals.
Delivers 100% global coverage through the Iridium satellite network, with no gaps, fringe or weak signal areas.

Follow-Me/Find-Me Tracking and Location.

This way to the middle of nowhere.
Bring family and friends with you, using Follow-Me/Find-Me Tracking and Location’s automatic location feature. Turn it on or off at a whim, and ensure that your route is known. Use it to aid rescuers, to make maps, to keep you connected to the world, or just to provide a measure of authenticity to your travel stories or adventures. People can even ping your inReach to find your latest location.

Two-way Messaging.

If you're going off the grid, stay in touch with inReach.
Two-way communication becomes two-way texting when your inReach is paired with a smartphone or the PN-60w GPS. Now you can both send and receive messages — that means interactive SOS messages, text messages, emails, social network updates, etc., and full GPS navigation. In short, an affordable remote satellite connection that is no less than revolutionary.

Iridium satellite constellation
True global coverage.

inReach connects you to the Iridium network. The world’s largest satellite constellation.

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