In GEOS We Trust.

Behind every inReach is GEOS. Behind GEOS is the IERCC — formally known as the International Emergency Response Coordination Center. Send an SOS message through inReach, and it goes directly to the IERCC. More specifically, it goes to a secure underground bunker located north of Houston. It has redundant electrical grids, generators, and a potable water supply from an underground well. In short, complete self-dependence if the outside world “goes away.”

The team at the IERCC is staffed and ready 24/7, 365 days per year, with SAR Mission Coordinators and Duty Officers. As soon as they receive your message, they’ll track your device and notify emergency contacts and responders in the area — they’ll also stay connected to provide updates on your location or to communicate with you. As soon as you activate your inReach, you have full, free access to the IERCC through GEOS SOS monitoring and emergency dispatch. How’s that for comforting?

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