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Working remotely takes on a whole new meaning when your job takes you off the grid. There are no amenities, no niceties, and usually no cell phone service. The DeLorme inReach was designed in the US to keep today’s remote workers connected, oriented, and most of all – safe.

The inReach offers the following features to enterprise teams:

  • Two-way text messaging – Communicate between devices, or to any phone number or email address, anywhere in the world.
  • Group messaging – You can also communicate with a group of inReach users, including a command center or group coordinator.
  • Interactive SOS – Communicate directly with GEOS 24/7 emergency response coordination center if an emergency occurs in the field.
  • Team tracking – See exactly where the rest of your team is on a user-friendly topographic map using GPS tracking.
  • Customizable forms – Create custom forms for field data entry directly on your devices.
  • Explore portal – Our robust back-office solution for tracking and coordinating users, activating or suspending devices, controlling the user experience, and other account management features.
  • Our flexible byte-based airtime plans are designed to meet the unique needs of enterprise operations across multiple industries and geographies. We have extensive experience working with search and rescue (SAR) organizations, government agencies, gas and energy companies, outdoor guide services, international travel and study abroad programs and even off-road racing teams.

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    "I've worked in wilderness programs for 20 years and reliable communication with trip leaders has been a long standing battle with various types of communication devices. I have found that the DeLorme inReach allows for reliable communication and so much more without compromising the integrity of the wilderness experience. We have been using the devices locally and around the world over the past year and I have nothing but great things to say. Our devices have been out in all seasons in New England for multi day expeditions and in China, Tanzania, Ecuador, and Spain. I have been very impressed with how they have worked for us and what they have allowed us to do."
    Chris Hayward, Director of Experiential Learning
    Gould Academy Bethel, ME

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    inReach Enterprise Satellite Airtime Plans & Product Details

    We offer six enterprise airtime plans.
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