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“Working remotely” takes on a whole new meaning when your job takes you off the grid. There are no amenities, no niceties, and no certainties. Working off the grid is inherently more dangerous, and an inReach becomes a lifeline, ensuring that help is just an SOS message away. An inReach also keeps you close to your friends and family and even enables remote tracking so your location can be monitored from anywhere, anytime. With inReach, you can work in a multitude of environments with peace of mind and without losing contact.

"As firefighters in the wild land fire community we are always looking for way to do our jobs better and more safely. While the inReach device has its own parameters for use, it provides us with the ability to communicate in virtually any situation with 100% satellite coverage for any location. As a part of our communication arsenal of technologies, inReach has become a critical asset for BLM Colorado and increases our personnel's chances of staying out of harm’s way. If/when the emergency happens, I feel confident that we have the latest technology at our disposal."
Unaweep Wildland Fire Module
Upper Colorado River Fire Management Unit in Grand Junction, CO
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